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This Wiki is the first wiki fully devoted to the Oligocene epoch, which ranged from about 34 million to 23 million years before the present. Exploring this Time of Wonder will surely expand your knowledge of a forgotten time in Earth’s history. On this journey to a Time of Wonder you will encounter the Oligocene’s top predators, like the mighty Entelodonts, Creodonts and witness Carnivora’s final step to supremacy over the mammalian world. A Time when Mammal’s ultimate supremacy of planet Earth was very clear, More Wonder than ever before!, A Time of Wonder! Everyone can edit information about this wonderful Time!

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Evolution has guided and equiped life on Earth for the next great era for millions of years, but in the Oligocene epoch Mammals had took the crown of supremacy over all life on Earth. Back then the Mammals had already morphed into some incredable animals, but at this time their evolution was running wild, some monkeys brached off to become apes, the first camels evolved, the next stage of horse evolution took place, and much more, so its only right that we document this great time and call it a true Time of Wonder!

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